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“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.” — The Vietnam Veterans of America Motto

Vietnam Veterans of America was founded in 1978. When our Vietnam Vets returned home they were not met with open arms. They were not welcomed home with the services that they needed, which in turn led to the creation of their own Vietnam Veteran organization. This organization grew on the vow that this abandonment of service men and women would never happen again to any other generation.

This organization serves all Veterans. Not only does VVA provide support for our past Veterans, they also help with the needs of Veterans who are finally returning home. VVA works to fulfill a broad spectrum of our Veterans needs. From assistance with finding a home to relocation and health programs the VVA is there for our Veterans in any circumstance of their lives.

Vietnam Veterans of America assist with national and local Veteran affairs. With over 65,000 members and 650 local chapters, VVA is dedicated to helping any and all Veterans. Each chapter works with the public to provide anything the community needs. Seeing eye dog programs for Veterans as well as welcome home events are just a few activities the VVA does in supporting our Veterans. Veterandonation.org works with the VVA to rally support and donations that benefit our Veterans.

In addition, VVA has certain programs which include legal teams that help veterans succeed in getting claims approved. Through efforts such as lobbying on Capitol Hill for new health care reforms and the revising of the GI bill, the VVA has put millions of dollars in the pockets of well deserving Veterans. Other formal programs like that of the Veteran Health Council works to pair Veterans with doctors and practitioners who have experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Veteran’s health concerns.

Vietnam Veterans of America has priorities in Veteran health care, economic opportunity, homeless Vets, woman Vets, minority Vets, POW/MIA, incarcerated Vets, and hundreds of other issues that our Veterans face.

“VVA’s goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam Veterans.” -Vietnam Veterans of America

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No one comes home from a war unchanged. Combat related psychological injuries and depression are combined with extremely limited access to care. Many of our Veterans deal with Post traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse, homelessness, incarceration, depression and countless other mental health issues. These issues not only influence Veterans, but their families and communities as well. With high unemployment rates affecting Veterans, financial instability and debt are among other negative issues that they encounter. Millions of disabled and injured Veterans are forced to deal with civilian life alone.

It takes immense courage and strength for these men and woman to serve this country. Without them the world we know today would be a much different place. At the very least we owe these brave Veterans the care and support they deserve. Whether in active duty or not, our goal is to build support for all of America’s veterans. Our Veterans should not have to face these struggles alone, we urge you to join together in an effort to spread awareness of Veteran Donation programs. Please, do not take this nation’s freedom for granted. We must always honor and remember our Veterans who sacrifice everyday to fight for this nation.

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